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“Green Can’t Win If It’s Niche”

WorldChanging takes a look at “What Do Upscale Hybrids Portend?”, pointing to information about the upcoming Lexus hybrid as well as the post below. WC’s very rational conclusion:

We can approach this situation in one of two ways: we can complain (quite legitimately) that manufacturers are trying to cater to consumer demand for green design and technologies with not-really-green products; or we can see this as a sign of the mainstreaming of green—that rather than ignore green consumers, or offering them a choice between cars that look like they just drove off a college parking lot or cars that look like they just drove off the set of a scifi movie, producers are trying to integrate green technology into the vehicles more popular with “regular” consumers. Green can’t win if it’s niche.

This next year’s crop of new model hybrids may not be up to the efficiency standards set by the first wave, but they may well be the beginning of a very welcome trend.

Well said.


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