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Mercedes-Benz is showing its two latest clean diesel concept versions of the upcoming Sports Tourer line at the Paris Motor Show. This is the line Mercedes has already targeted for a diesel-hybrid version. The latest models move the new line closer to actual production, currently scheduled for Fall 2005.

The larger Grand Sports Tourer “Vision R,” is a 4+2-seater. The tourer features four-wheel drive, air suspension and a new V6 diesel engine. Combined with a seven-speed automatic transmission, the 218-hp six-cylinder powerplant delivers an estimated 26 mpg. Exhaust emissions meet the EU-4 standards, and the additive-free particulate filter system developed by Mercedes-Benz also reduces soot emissions.

The newest version, the Compact Sports Tourer “Vision B” places the engine and transmission partly in front of and partly beneath the passenger cell—Mercedes-Benz’ “sandwich concept” used in the extremely popular new A-class compact—providing extra passenger room even with the smaller dimensions.

The compact Sports Tourer uses a new four-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 140 hp and a torque of 300 Newton metres. The engine delivers better than 39 mpg with exhaust emissions at EU-4 levels.


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