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Lexus (part of Toyota Motor) dealers have received more than 9,000 pre-sold orders for the 2006 RX 400h luxury gas-electric hybrid SUV through August month-end.

“We’ve received significantly more pre-launch orders for the 400h than we’ve had for any vehicle in our entire 15-year history,” said Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager, Denny Clements. “Although we’re pleased with the early public response to the 400h, we are mindful of our need to respond to these customers in a timely manner,” he added.

In other words, the Lexus division doesn’t want to repeat the problems the Toyota division has had with fulfilling demand for the Prius.

The 400h is scheduled to arrive in showrooms early next year as a 2006 model. Lexus will announce specific on-sale launch timing for the U.S. and other global markets after it finishes evaluating pre-production prototypes later this month.

Lexus Financial Services will extend lease agreements by as much as 12 months, if necessary, to current Lexus owners who have placed orders for a RX 400h. The plan is designed to accommodate customers who have voiced concern that their Lexus lease might run-out before their RX 400h arrives.



Yeah, I've been waiting for the blue collar version of this vehicle, the Highlander Hybrid. I've been asking to get on a pre-order list for the HH, but I've been told that Toyota plans to use HH production capacity to catch up with the Prius demand. Sigh...


Hmm, that's there's no pre-order list for the HH at all?


I checked in with Toyota corporate on this question. According to them:

The Highlander Hybrid is not being used as a way of “meeting Prius demand.” Also...many Toyota dealers are taking deposits from those who wish to order a Highlander Hybrid.

So go beat up your dealer. :-)


Clarification—some dealers are taking deposits, but there is no “official” pre-order list.

The current plan is to begin Highlander Hybrid production shortly after the Lexus RX400h launches in early 2005.


I certainly shall "beat up" my dealer. ;-) This was the info that I received from a sales person that I've been in contact with.

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