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Roche Adds Hybrids to Fleet

Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche), the U.S. prescription drug unit of the Roche Group, is buying Toyota Prius and Ford Escape hybrid vehicles for its pharmaceutical sales fleet as part of a plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent over the next five years. The company is starting with a pilot program of 20.

“Roche is committed to seeking innovative solutions to the challenge of improving the environment from all aspects of our operations, and we look for ways to preserve the planet and reduce emissions,” said Jack Kace, Vice President, Corporate Environmental & Safety Affairs. “We plan to continue to add hybrids and other fuel efficient vehicles into the 1,400 car sales force and eventually replace our entire fleet.”

I think that’s the first U.S. declaration I’ve seen about intending to swap out an entire fleet with green vehicles. (If anyone has any others, please let me know.) Timing and vehicle mix are still important questions to be answered, but it’s a good step.

More fleet purchases of hybrids will occur fairly rapidly, I think. (Earlier post.)


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