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Biodiesel Plant in Moscow, TN

Fayette County Review. Construction is nearing completion on West Tennessee’s first biodiesel facility. Current projections estimate a production of between 10,000 and 25,000 gallons of biodiesel per day.

The owner of the plant, AMPM Environmental Services, reclaims used cooking oil from restaurants and food manufacturing plants across the Southeast United States. This reclaimed oil will become part of the feedstock for the biodiesel. The plant will also use virgin oil.


Gary Bridgman

I am glad to see a sustainable-energy enterprise like this in Moscow, which is located at a critical point on the Wolf River in West Tennessee. The Wolf River recharges the Memphis Sands aquifer, which is the Memphis area's chief source of drinking water (aside from buying bottled water). This same aquifer is located just beneath the surface in Fayette County, so there is little in the way of protective barriers between pollutants and our drinking water except for the Wolf's wetlands and our collective common sense. AMPM Environmental Services' facility in Moscow may provide a great way for area residents to recycle potentially harmful waste oil into diesel fuel without cutting Crown Prince Faysal into the action.

Gary Bridgman
President, Wolf River Conservancy

Melody Peasley

We are members of the biodiesel board with full voting rights and we are trying to gather information regarding both active and proposed plants. We were wondering if you would share with us information regarding the annual amount of methanol (if any) used by your facility. Feel free to e-mail or phone with the information. Thank you.

Best regards

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