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Blue Sun Opens Integrated Processing and Blending Site

Colorado-based Blue Sun Biodiesel is opening a high-volume commercial biodiesel blending terminal integrated with a biodiesel processing plant. This integrated plant, which BSB claims is the first such in the US, will begin partial operation in November with the blending terminal.

The $4 million production plant is scheduled for completion in May 2005 and will produce 3 million gallons of biodiesel per year. The USDA is granting a $500,000 award to Blue Sun toward the construction of the production plant.

The plant and blending terminal will produce B20 (a 20% biodiesel blend). The operation is located in Alamosa, Co, which has two advantages. First, it is right on the great Western Railway. Second, it is sited near canola crop production in the San Luis valley. Blue Sun thus has easy access to feedstock and to a distribution mechanism.


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