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Delphi Scales for Diesel Growth in Asia

As another indication of the global growth of the diesel market, Delphi, the world’s second largest supplier of diesel injection systems and common rail technology, is expanding its Asian presence to better serve the growing demands of its engine customers.

Delphi recently has won repeat or new diesel common rail contracts with Hyundai-Kia, SsangYong (just purchased by Shanghai Automotive), Tata and four other customers to be named in the coming months, including three Chinese engine manufacturers.

Delphi plans to develop common rail manufacturing in the Asia Pacific region, using manufacturing systems proven at its plants in the United Kingdom, France and Spain. The company will use its existing footprint in India and Korea as well as develop capabilities to manufacture in China.

The plan is to implement a capacity of one million common rail systems annually in Asia to supply a growing local market and to release capacity at its European plants to support planned growth in that market.


larry shaw

Is delphi going forward, going to keep it asian plants (35) in profit with it u.s declaining market. I am a u.s. invester...THANK YOU ...

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