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Demand for Hybrids in Florida County Fleets

The Sun-Sentinel reports on the growing use of and demand for hybrids in south-Florida county fleets.

“As a government, we want to try to set a good example and reduce fuel consumption, so we’re going to buy the hybrids when they’re available,” said Doug Weichman, Palm Beach County fleet management director. “Everybody’s looking to go to hybrids. It’s kind of like the apple pie and motherhood kind of thing right now.”

  • Palm Beach County wants to add six Toyota Prius sedans to its 200-vehicle fleet. Palm Beach County was the first in South Florida to buy a hybrid, a Honda Insight in 2000, and has a total of four hybrids currently.

  • Miami-Dade has 156 Prius sedans in its 7,800-vehicle fleet. Miami-Dade plans to buy 75 more.

  • Broward County fleet management is looking for 10 to 15 Toyota Prius sedans to join the 13 is already in its 2,000-vehicle fleet.


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