FedEx: Steps to Green Power, Green Fleet
Eaton and Peterbilt to Produce Hydraulic Hybrids

FedEx Hybrid Update: 10 More to NYC

FedEx has put 10 of its OptiFleet E700 diesel hybrids (prior post) into service in NYC. The first two E700 hybrids have been in operation in Sacramento, CA, since March, with a 99% uptime.

NYSERDA—New York State Energy Research and Development Authority—awarded FedEx federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds to support the placement of the hybrids in NYC.

Eaton and FedEx have also updated the measurement of the environmental benefits. They now claim the E700 reduces PM emissions by 96% and improves fuel economy by 57%, up from the 90% and 50% claimed earlier.


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