Daihatsu Building Hybrid for 2005
Daihatsu Hijet Hybrid Update

September 04 US Hybrid Sales

This will be the last month of charting the US sales of only three hybrid models. Next month, we’ll have the first full month of the Ford Escape Hybrid, and the Honda Accord Hybrid arrives in showrooms in December. To keep these tracking charts more manageable as hybrid-like technology spreads, I will only include hybrids in which the electric motor contributes to propulsion: mild or full hybrids, in other words. That leaves out vehicles such as the GM Silverado hybrid.

Toyota posted its best September Prius sales figures yet, with 4,039 units. Although down from the peak in July, sales for September represented the third-highest month so far this year. Honda, however, with 1,535 Civic Hybrids sold, had its second-lowest month this year. I presume some of this is due to the leadup period for the release of the Accord Hybrid.

Hybrid_sales_sep_04_1_1 Hybrid_sales_sep04_2_1


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