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UK Study: Drivers Slow to Go Green Without Aid

Research commissioned by the Energy Savings Trust (EST) in the UK indicates that while 40% of respondents were aware of the damaging contribution that transport makes to climate change, only 12% would consider the environmental impact of a vehicle when buying a new car. Of this figure, women were 3% more likely than men to buy a cleaner, low carbon vehicle.

The survey, conducted by ICM, also showed that 80% of respondents would buy a car that was less damaging to the environment if they knew they could get financial assistance towards the cost. Since only 40% acknowledged knowing of the environmental impact, is the other 40% simply looking for some assistance?

“Road transport is the UK’s second largest contributor to climate change and emissions from vehicles are not only harming our environment but also our health,” said Richard Tarboton, head of EST’s transport energy business unit.

“We have been working with fleet managers, local authorities, industry and consumers to encourage environmentally responsible road use. British road users need to take personal responsibility for slowing the rate of climate change, and EST has grants available to help anyone buy a cleaner vehicle with lower levels of CO2.”

According to the UK Department for Transport, there are some 32 million licensed drivers in the UK, with around 18.7 million households having access to at least one car. There were some 2.5 million new car registrations in the UK in 2002.



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