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Volvo brought a Bi-Fuel S80 to the Challenge Bibendum.

The Volvo S80 Bi-Fuel shown in Shanghai has a five cylinder, 2.4-liter bi-fuel engine powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) or biogas with gasoline as a back-up. The engine uses separate fuel systems.

The engine automatically switches to the back-up gasoline system should the car’s primary gas supply run out. Typically, a tank of CNG or biogas will give a range of 250-300 km (155-186 miles), and the reserve petrol tank provides an additional range of about 350 km (217 miles).

Volvo offers a five-cylinder 2.4 liter Bi-Fuel engine option for its Volvo S80, V70 and S60 models.

The Volvo S80 Bi-Fuel vehicle delivers 140 hp. Luggage space is unaffected due to the placing of the gas tanks under the rear load space floor.

A Bi-Fuel Volvo driven on biogas, a renewable source of energy generated from biomass, reduces greenhouse gases close to 100%. Driving on CNG reduces greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 25% compared to gasoline, according to Volvo’s figures.

Volvo Car Corporation believes it is very much exploring the future already today with its biogas cars. Biogas is a completely renewable source of energy as well as a technological stepping-stone towards using hydrogen. Biogas’s growing popularity also is helping to speed the building of an infrastructure for gas fuel stations. Volvo’s Bi-Fuel cars are certainly a greener choice available today.

—Staffan Johannesson, Volvo Product Strategy Manager, Alternative Fuels and Powertrains

According to Volvo, the operating costs of the bi-fuel cars are between 20-60% less than gasoline models, and 20-40% less than diesel.

A Swedish green consumer organization, Gröna Bilister (Green Motorists) named the Volvo S80 Bi-Fuel model the best Environmental Car in the large-car category both this year and last 2003.


Alfred Steinberg

I am interested in buying an XC70 BI-FUEL vehicle but cannot find any info. Please help. AS


i need the chemical reactions of bi fuel engine


Dear Sir:
we run a landfill gas plant in Jordan we would like to buy the bi-fuel s80 car ,would u direct us.

luigi velardocchia

I'd like to know if the injection system with biogas is the same utilized for methane. thanks

B J Oliver

Would you please provide me with a list of bifuel cars at the earliest opportunity.

With thanks

B J Oliver

Would you please provide me with a list of bifuel cars at the earliest opportunity.

With thanks

B J Oliver

Would you please provide me with a list of bifuel cars at the earliest opportunity.

With thanks


I want to know, what you need to do for an engine to drive on gas?? plz email me


si r

i like this vovo xc 70 & s80
plz send any catolog to me so ican knllage more about this


please send me some info on bio fuel cars

Jose Sifontes

Dear Volvo rep,

I currently produce good quality biogas in Gainesville, Florida from our patented technology. There is a good Volvo car store in Gainesville and we are interested (Volvo and Sigarca) in the possibility of retrofitting one of the car from the store to run on biogas.

The reason of this communication is to find out if we could buy the kit or equipment required to retrofit the car. Please advise as we a good market for biogas cars and trucks in Florida and the USA as we deploy this technology to the rest of the Nation.

We will appreciate if you let us know who to contact to buy the retrofitting equipment or any good idea you may have through Volvo corporation.

You can contact me at:
Sigarca, Inc.
[email protected]


i need for a ppt form of this bio-gas projects for an analysis


dear sir,
can u tell me something ,act. every thing about green engine

i want to know more information about cng cars,and i want to familiar with the cng product which is the best in world. what's the name of cng product fitting for volvo . thank you .

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