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Volvo’s headliner product at the Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai is the new concept Volvo 3CC, a 3-seater car featuring advanced materials and electric (battery) powertrain technology.

The 3CC has dimensions similar to a classic 2-seater sports car, but uses a two-plus-one configuration, providing seating for two adults in the front and a unique rear seat solution for an additional adult or two children.

Volvo gave the 3CC a high strength steel space frame and composite sandwich floor panels for safety and light weight. The outer body is a bonded one-piece carbon-fiber shell. The resulting chassis rigidity and its innovative suspension also give the car great handling characteristics.

A double floor houses the powertrain: in this case, a prototype Lithium-ion battery electric drive packaged in the sandwich floor. The 3CC has a top speed of more than 85 mph (135 km/h) and accelerates from 0 to 60 in approximately 10 seconds.

“The double floor used to house the electric energy storage makes the concept future-proof in that the layout can be adapted for the most appropriate powertrain in the future, whether it be petrol, diesel, biogas, or hybrid electric,” explains Ichiro Sugioka, Science Officer at VMCC (Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center, the designers of the 3CC). “In Shanghai, we are demonstrating the electric powertrain, one of the most challenging to package into a vehicle, to highlight its potential where there is abundance of renewable energy that can be converted to electricity.”

The car has a potential driving range of more than 180 miles (300 km). Under certain driving conditions, the torque-to-weight ratio is roughly comparable to Volvo’s T5 model, but available over 0–3,500 rpm. In typical driving conditions, about 20 percent of the energy can be recovered by regenerative braking.

A front-wheel drive vehicle, the Volvo 3CC at Shanghai has double wishbone front and rear suspension. The front suspension includes horizontally mounted adjustable coils over shocks that give a low hood line. The rear suspension includes vertically mounted adjustable coils over shocks. Due to the vehicle’s light weight and the power of the regenerative electric braking, unassisted brakes provide the stopping power.

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OK, everybody talks about EVs, but nobody sells them. We need a car company to step up to the plate. Maybe start with plug-in hybrid, preferably diesel so we can run biodiesel, or just a small diesel engine. Keep it lean, keep it simple, keep it small. With all the profits a car company makes, you would think we would see cars that fly. Even the hybrids only get 50mpg - cars 100 years ago were getting 50mpg! We don't need rocket ships. We want value for our money, not bells and whistles - what a concept!? Actually sell a car for the people, instead of greedy CEOs. I have a chunk of change burning a whole in my pocket and all I see is useless SUVs. Hello, is anybody listening??

Jim Stack

check out the 2006 ACPropulsions, pure electric Scion EVs. They will be super efficient and have 100,200 or 300 mile range depending on what you want. What a super choice that will be.

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