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San Jose Business Journal. Business software maker Hyperion Solutions (Sunnyvale, CA) will give $5,000 to employees who buy a car that gets at least 45 miles per gallon.

“Companies and individuals have extraordinary power to make a difference,” said Godfrey Sullivan, president and chief executive officer of Hyperion in announcing the initiative in a written statement. “One of the most important steps an individual can take to improve the quality of our air is to drive a vehicle that goes further on a gallon or liter of gas. One of the most important steps a company can take is to help them.”

Employees who have been with Hyperion one year or longer can seek reimbursement for one vehicle every four years. Hyperion is aiming to reimburse up to 200 employees each year; reimbursements are available to employees on a first come, first served basis.

Bravo! Great example!


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