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Porsche and Toyota in Hybrid Talks?

Honda May Soon Build Accord Hybrid in China

China Daily. Guangzhou Honda may soon begin production of Accord hybrids, according to Zeng Qinghong, executive vice-president of the venture.

As noted earlier, Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co.(GHAC) is  a joint venture between Honda and Guangzhou Auto Group. The JV is building a new plant with an annual capacity of 120,000 units, due to be operational in the latter half of 2006.

Small cars that protect the environment will be the mainstream of the auto industry in China in the future.

—Zeng Qinghong, Executive Vice President, GHAC

Toyota has already announced that it will begin producing Priuses with First Automotive Works (FAW) group in China next year. (Earlier post.) Toyota will also introduce its hybrid drivetrain technologies into FAW’s own brand cars.


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