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IEA/SMP Transport Model

Now you can model out your own vision of the future of sustainable transportation—or at least get a better understanding of some linkages and assumptions.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and  the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Sustainable Mobility Project (SMP) have released a spreadsheet-based global transport model—the fruit of two years worth of development. Designed to serve both organizations in conducting projections and policy analysis, the model and an accompanying report are available for public download. The model and report also include the final reference case used in SMP’s Final Report, Mobility 2030: Meeting the Challenges to Sustainability.

The IEA/SMP Transport Spreadsheet Model is designed to handle all transport modes and most vehicle types. It produces projections of vehicle stocks, travel, energy use and other indicators through 2050 for a reference case and for various policy cases and scenarios. It is designed to have some technology-oriented detail and to allow fairly detailed bottom-up modeling.

Not all technologies or variables are covered for all modes. Apart from energy use, the model tracks emissions of CO2, and CO2-equivalent GHG emissions (from vehicles as well as upstream), PM, NOx, HC, CO and Pb. Projections of safety (fatalities and injuries) are also incorporated.




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