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October 04 US Hybrid Sales

Hybrids had their best sales month of 2004 in October, with US sales soaring to 9,530 units.

Sales of the Toyota Prius jumped to 6,123 units—its highest volume month ever. That represents almost a 50% increase in volume from October 2003, and a year-to-date increase of 177.5% from 2003, with a total of 41,838 Priuses sold so far this year. The October sales number also represents an increase of 42% from the September sales volume.

Honda posted a solid increase in October with 2,266 Civic Hybrids and 11 Insights being sold for a total of 2,277 units. That figure is up 43% from last October, and represents a year-to-date increase in Honda hybrid sales of 12%, with 22,176 units sold so far this year.

Sales of the Ford Hybrid Escape got off to a solid start, with 1,130 units posted in its first month of actual sales.

With Ford coming into the mix, and with Toyota working to boost availability, we might break through the 10,000 unit mark in November.

Hybridsalesoct04_0 Hybridsales_oct04_1


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