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Queen Anne’s County Goes Biodiesel

The Capital. Queen Anne’s County, Md, is using a $100,000 state grant to offset the cost of switching its fleet of 180 vehicles, including 20-county-owned school buses, to using B20 soy biodiesel.

Queen Anne’s County is the largest producer of soybeans in the state, harvesting 11% of the 10.8 million bushel crop in 2002.

The commissioners first tried to introduce legislation in the 2004 General Assembly seeking state funding to offset higher costs of the 230,000 gallons of soy biodiesel versus traditional fuel. When that failed, the commissioners told their staff to pursue available grant money to fund the project.


Father OMalley

Oh, wow.. more Ozone.. love hiking the price of all Soy products to impoverished countries.. the U.N. will have a ball with that one.. our own energy needs are starving millions, I can see that now.. but we "unilaterally" move in that direction without U.N. approval.. Bush would be condemned.. but controlling the "boogy man" CO2 is again our primary concern because WE ARE SO IMPORTANT, we can affect the world's climate.. oh pullleeeesse children, let's not be so full of ourselves.. 31,000 scientists among them 9,000 PHD's have said that there is no proof that today's CO2 is at the optimum level for man's future survival. In fact history shows that higher CO2 levels lagging global warming (cause and affect reversed) actually increase "GREEN" world wide. If we do actually decrease CO2 in our atmosphere we will be browning the earth...

I wonder as more cities get sucked into this storm of bio fuels, whether they will get their precious federal funding if they don't meet Ozone standards?

Makes ya want to go "hmmmm".. triumph. I wonder how many tax "incentives" the manufacturer got from US in taxes... ?? What is the cost..Ooops did I mention a no no.. cost is no object when you are on the Don Quixote quest to "save the world", eh?

Using Hydrogen Internal Combustion engines as the Fort Lauderdale Airport is doing in the Airport Parking Vans made by Ford is the technology of the future..
What do you get with burnging Hydrogen? Water.. recapture water devices can be used to recapture the exhaust from Hydrogen fueled engines, to make more what? Hydrogen Sparky!

Queen Ann's County are just another group that has been bamboozled by Al/Socialist U.N. propaganda about how "bad we've been".. Soy prices go up on the world market and Lenin's idiots here celebrate.. wow..

Go to, look at all of the Hydrogen pages, then if you dare, look further.. you'll be surprised at with just a slight shift away from CO2 control towards the ultimate energy source that can supply the infrastructure already in place and has the exhaust of what made it.. water.. Oceans of it, no drilling, no fighting over it between nations, and we stop funding terrorists.. oh yeah, they DO EXIST.. right here to.. Environmental terrorists that have hijacked a once honorable and noble endeavor, conservationalism to a left wing, socialist movement dictating the lives of millions with a callousness of an atheist.. to hell with those billions that rely on Soy world wide.. instead of using it to feed millions, they burn it.. hurrah for the "me generation".. real swift thinking there Sparky..
May God Bless

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