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Toro Evaluating Nuvera Fuel Cell


Toro—the lawnmower and powered yard equipment company—is evaluating Nuvera’s H2e hydrogen fuel cell module for potential use in its professional grounds and turf care equipment.

The H2e (“hydrogen to electricity”) is Nuvera’s small-scale product line of hydrogen power modules. This line of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell stacks provides between 1 to 6 kW of electric power.

Nuvera is coupling the H2e with power electronics, a peaking battery, and hydrogen storage capability to create a compact fuel cell engine for many types of industrial vehicles.

Nuvera has a strategic partnership with Renault—which owns 10% of Nuvera—on automotive fuel cell R&D. This partnership is an extension of an earlier agreement between Nuvera and Renault for the development of an on-board reformer to convert gasoline to hydrogen. A prototype of the reformer is due this year.


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