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UAE Emirate Moving to CNG Vehicles


Gulf News. The UAE Emirate of Sharjah is phasing in CNG vehicles in its public fleets and then for residents.

The Directorate of Natural Gas at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) is first converting hundred of its own vehicles to run on CNG.

As part of the first phase of the project, the directorate will suggest using CNG as an alternative to petrol for government vehicles, buses and taxis. Gradually, other vehicles can then start using it. CNG filling stations will be set up in different parts of the city.

Sewa is also planning to use natural gas in air-conditioning systems. The $136-million (500 million UAE Dirhams) project is first of its kind in the country, and is nearly complete.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a constitutional federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. A member of OPEC, it holds the world’s fifth largest natural gas reserves of 212 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) after Russia, Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.


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Juby James

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SinoCleansky has a strong advantage in providing the essential part of NGV, the high pressure cylinder, which is used to store the compressed natural gas on board the vehicle or as back-up storage at the CNG filling stations (cascade cylinders). Our products are manufactured to several internationally accepted standards, principally ISO 11439, NZ5454 and NGV2-2000.

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We are small scale gold miners here on the sub region of West Africa.

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ataur rahman

I want to set up CNG filling station in Bangladesh. At present Bangladesh has the great demand of CNG gas. As the price increased of fuell there are huse number of vehiecle are conveted to CNG. I want a partener to established joint venture CNG filling station woith CNG convertion workshop. with one administration we can gain three. a. filling station . b. convertion workshop. c. import of CNG cylinder and kits. so if any person or organisation interested pl. contact with me. details will be discussed face face.
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Attention : Please

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zafar bhuiya

We are going to set up CNG filling station in Bangladesh. So we are looking for import CNG compressors & all of equipments from your company. Could you please let us know the details product and price for whole components.

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Chowddagram Hi-Tech CNG Station.


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I want to set up CNG filling station in Bangladesh. At present Bangladesh has the great demand of CNG gas. As the price increased of fuell there are huse number of vehiecle are conveted to CNG. I want a partener to established joint venture CNG filling station woith CNG convertion workshop. with one administration we can gain three. a. filling station . b. convertion workshop. c. import of CNG cylinder and kits. so if any person or organisation interested pl. contact with me. details will be discussed face face.
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Chief Kofi Mensah


It my pleasure to contacting you to inform you about our product '' Alluvial Gold Dust". I am a Gold Dealer here in Ashanti Region. in Republic Of Ghana in West Africa country. Am having in stock right now 450kg of Alluvial Gold Dust and seeking your assistance in helping me doing the sales of my Gold there in your location.

My F.C.O is described as follows:

Commodity...................................... Au Metal

Quantity............................ 450Kg

Quality...............................22+ Carat

Price.............................. $18,500 US Dollars / Per Kilogram

Shipment....................................................By Air Courier

Package...............................Export by Carton Box Case.

Terms and Condition:
We will therefore appreciate if you confirm by sending mail or fax in your interesting with a letter of intent to us. Please we are also open to discussing with you a possible joint venture arrangement with respect to our gold field.

I shall await your utmost response soon.

Chief Kofi Mensah
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Mr.Nana Thomson

Dear Sir,
I am Mr. Nana Thomson (43),the Elders son of Late Chief Duke Nana Amu Nuamah,a Ghanaian by nationality and founder of(AMU NUAMAH MINING & INVESTMENT CO.LTD),I am writing to you at this time to advertise the availability of our main product, alluvial gold in bulk quantities.
As we represent a large number of local artisan miners, we are prepared to provide quantities of 22.5carat alluvial gold monthly, following is information concerning our product:
Quantity: 250 kilograms available monthly
Quality: 22.5carat alluvial Au
Origin: Ghana, West Africa
Price: $18,000.00 per Kilogram {Negotiable}
Assay report provided by Geological Survey Department, Accra.
Incase you are not ready to purchase by yourself, you can still stand as our agent in your Area and as well introduce a buyer, while you will be collecting commission on each buyer you introduce to us, regards to every of our transaction through you. So whenever there are interested buyers, you should give out our contact details to them to reach us and do also call or e-mail us as to note you are the connector of the transaction.
We are prepared to offer the quantity of gold required by the buyer(or their representative) upon their arrival here in Ghana.
Further, we currently seek outside-based serious buyers. If you are interested in this proposal, or have any further questions, kindly contact me.
I will appreciate if only you reply via private Email address as stated:
Looking forward to doing business with you.
Yours truly,
Best regards
Mr.Nana Thomson +233 24 9839485.


Dear Sir/Madam

It is twelve of such small mining groups that have come together to form an association all have 360 acres of rich concession s sites in Eastern , Western and Ashanti Regions of Ghana . Some of the members have pits ranging from 60- 110 feet depth incline at 20- 30 degrees to the surface , the ore is brought up and crushed and milled to recover the gold , and each member of the association monthly production is between 8-10 kgs.Thus average production for the whole association is between 80-100 kgs
NB: This is my contact number: 233-244-485565 or 233-028-5088296


The commodity that the seller has offered and will supply the buyer is as follows:

1 Product : Gold Dore Bar

2 Origin : GHANA , West Africa

3 Purity : Not less than 92%

4 Quality : Not less than 22+ carat

5 Quantity : 80-100 kgs monthly

Buyer should contact me as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Isaac Assuming

Dear Sir,
We wish to introduce our company Goldmine Investment company as a mining company in Ghana which deals in alluvial gold dust and bars. At present we have in stock 400 kilograms of 22+ carat alluvial gold dust/bars for sale at USD $18,500 per kilo and we are looking for serious buyer who can visit us in Ghana for the business transaction.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon
Best regards
Nana Isaac Assuming

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