What’s In the Appropriations Bill? Part 1: Renewable Energy.
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What’s in the Appropriations Bill? Part 2: More on DOE.


The DOE budget comprises a broad range of research as well as operational programs. The basic DOE Science budget has funding of $3.6 Billion this year. Within that are programs from basic energy research, to fusion research, to biological research. DOE was one of the funders of the human genome project, and has work underway exploring things such as the biological generation of hydrogen.

The chart to the right (Click to enlarge) and the table below stacks up the funding for renewable energy programs against a few selected items from the larger DOE budget.

Select 2005 Appropriations for DOE
Science: Basic Energy Sciences $1,113,530,000
Science: High-Energy Physics $741,629,000
Science: Nuclear Physics $408,040,000
Science: Fusion Energy Sciences $276,110,000
Nuclear Energy R&D $172,000,000
Hydrogen $95,325,000
Solar $86,533,000
Biomass/biofuels $82,147,000
Wind $41,600,000
Geothermal $25,800,000
Hydro $5,000,000


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