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Have a Research Idea? Submit it to CARB

The California Air Resources Board is soliciting research ideas for its 2005-2006 fiscal year research plan. The goal of the research program is to provide timely scientific and technical information needed to develop and support the public policy decisions required for an effective air pollution control program.

The deadline for submitting a research idea is December 17, 2004.

To get more information about the Board’s Research Program, and/or to submit an idea for future research, go to the website . There you will also find the 10-Year Strategic Plan for Research and the Planned Air Pollution Research for Fiscal Year 2004-2005 (just approved at the end of October). CARB is looking for ideas that will support its  future needs and goals.



I am selling an idea for new type of engine.

Short characteristics:

-without cycles ( no suction, compression, combustion, ventilation like Otto and Diesel engines ) in it work.

-possibility to regulate the power of the engine (respectively fuel consumption) in large limits.

-possibility to work with various fuels – gas fuel and almost all liquid fuels.

For contacts:

E-mail address:


Please respond I have a briliant idea.

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