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“Hate Something, Change Something, Make Something Better”—Maybe Even Car Advertising

Honda apparently finds itself with a surprise advertising hit in the UK: an animated song that promotes Honda’s new clean diesel engine.  From the Guardian:

It is an advert like no other. ‘Can hate be good? Can hate be something we don't hate?’  says the mystifying animated song. And if you haven’t found yourself humming the chorus—‘Hate something, change something, make something better’—you will probably have heard someone who was.

Now the unnervingly catchy tune behind the television and radio campaign promoting Honda’s new diesel engine, which stars the gravelly voice of best-selling American author Garrison Keillor, is poised to become a hit record.

The quirky tune was composed for fun by one of the agency’s own ‘creatives’, Michael Russoff, and the company’s copyright agreement with him stipulates it can only be used to further the interests of its client, Honda.

Yet the song, only on air for a few weeks, has already generated so much interest that the idea of releasing a single has been mooted. ‘Michael had composed some of the music we used before,’ said Matt Berry, who works on the campaign, ‘but the lyrics were written specifically for Honda.’

Berry says that Honda has been inundated with questions about it.

You can see the ad here.

Technology aside, the ad highlights the poverty of new ideas and concepts plaguing US auto advertising.

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T. Regan

Re: Hate Something, Change Something, Make Something Better

For goodness sake, PLEASE release this song. I am tired of everyone I know (including my 3 children) humming/singing this. I've even started humming it.

Garrison Keillor/Michael Russoff/Honda.. you have a potentially HUGE hit on your hands. Go for it!

Best regards
T. Regan

Hampshire, UK


OMG THAT SONG IS SHEER GENIUS! it's been my song of the week for about 10weeks running MADNESS! But can someone please tell me the lyrics for the 2nd verse?


Please Honda, allow your "hate something, change something ..." song created by Garrison Keillor and Michael Russoff to be available as a 'single'. It is so relevant to the programmes we do with young people. It would be a brilliant addition to their self-efficacy toolkit.
Thank you in anticipation.
Trevor Siggers
Leek, Staffordshire, U.K.


can hate be good, can hate be great can hate be something we dont hate? .................oh isnt it just bliss when an engine goes like this! hate something, change something, hate something change something make something better. hate something,change something.
yes this is an amazing song i need 2 learn the second verse!


Here is a song for anyone whos ever hated in the key of grr.. Can hate be good? Can hate be great?Can hate be good? Can hate be great? Can hate be something we dont hate? We'd like to know,why it is so,That certain diesels must be slow and thwack and thrum..and pong and hum and clatter-clat.... its amazing!


It doesn't take a lot - just go to - it's all there! Words, Karaoke version, downloadable ad, plus background notes about the technology development... The song is all about true engineering!

Sarah and the new york crew

this is the anthem of our new york trip and has turned into my motto for life.not only does it have legendary lyrics that god damn tune has been in my head for weeks. It will never get old. Release it now. noooooooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!


omg this is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!i love it soo much!!go on realise da single and im telin ya it will b number one!


this is ultimately fab I dont think that there is ne1 that can resist singin along weneva it cums on like sum1 mentionned it shld b released i 4 1 wld certainly buy it i cld listen 2 it 4 the rest of my life btw why have the best bits been editted on the advert we see? aw well the 1 we do see is still fab an its got 2 be sed 4 all ov those who dont av desiels, ur missing out.



C ya


u totally have 2 release this song its amazin!


u totally have 2 release this song its amazin!


It drove me mad for weeks - the voice was familiar, whose was it? When it eventually dawned, I thought, yeah - perfect choise.
Great song, great voice - can't get it out of my head now.


is it possible to download it somewhere????



Brilliant song without a doubt. Still not good enough to be on


Wow just downloaded the ad and now have it going round my head yet again! Puts you in a good mood tho! The world can be nicer place :-)


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