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Philippine Star.  The Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) is supporting pending legislation allowing the use of ethanol as an alternative blending product for gasoline.

Bills in the House and Senate call for the establishment of a National Fuel Ethanol Program. The target is a 10% ethanol blend for vehicles by 2007, increasing to 25% in 2010.

Petron Corp., the Philippine’s biggest oil refiner, partly-owned by the government, has forged an agreement with PTT of Thailand for the development and use of ethanol.



The government should approve ASAP the use of ethanol. In other countries they have significant number of vehicles running on E85 which 85% ethanol. The 10% is a start. This is I think the solution to our crisis.

Why is it, when in comes gasoline alternative, saving devices, etc. the government is slow to act on them.

Delfin Cagas

Where shall we gather some further informations regarding ethanol?
Our comoany is planning to adopt this kind of fuel to be used by our equipment aiming to reduce operating costs.
Thank you.

Melchor D. Resurreccion

Using Ethanol that would mix to fuel is good. The U.S. Federal government is now using such a great alternatives for the green program in the environment and fuel economy. Now, they have concrete studies using 10%, 20% and 30% using ethanol mix to fuel.

But other rich countries are different from us considering the difference og many factors such as fuel price, the status of our country, Philippines.

The government should have a concrete study, research with highly scientific basis on how Ethanol is due timely to be used in the Philippines. By establishing the facts and studies on the effect of this to the major problems: 1. increase fuel consumption 2. harmful emmissions 3. engine problems that addressing the Public Health, Environment and fuel economy.

Also we will consider if using the Ethanol will give the real net cost savings to fuel consumption. I mean considering what would be the cost effect of it compare to a vehicle not using Ethanol.

In that sense, we will also help the mass transport such as the public utility vehicles, as they are facing much problems, right now. Please consider all angles befoe implementing such programs before it will be mandatory in the public motorists or private.

Remember that Philippines is not like, Japan, U.S. A. and Europe countries. We have to face the reality that would suit the program for us, for the whole country.

There are some alternatives.
Thank you, more power.

Joel G

How is it that Petron pacts with thailand to develop and distribute ethanol? I am confused.

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