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8th-Generation Civic To Launch This Fall with Enhanced ICE, Hybrid and Diesel Powerplants

In remarks at the NAIAS in Detroit, Honda President and CEO Takeo Fukui outlined the enhancements to the upcoming 8th-generation Civics to be released this fall (model year 2006).

  • The new gasoline ICE Civic will use Honda’s latest i-VTEC engine for higher fuel economy and lower emissions.
  • Honda will introduce the Civic Diesel in Europe with Honda’s own clean-diesel engine already used in the Accord (earlier post). Currently, the Civic Diesel uses an Isuzu engine.
  • Enhancements to the Civic’s IMA hybrid system will deliver “significantly” higher fuel economy and performance.

Honda will also bring its natural gas version of the Civic to market, making it the only automaker to offer the same model with four different powerplants.

Honda also will apply its Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system to the 2006 Honda Pilot sport-utility vehicle scheduled to debut this  fall. VCM deactivates three of the engine’s six cylinders during cruising, deceleration and other low engine load conditions to reduce fuel consumption.   This technology was first introduced in the U.S. in 2004 on the all-new 2005 Odyssey minivan (earlier post) and 2005 Accord Hybrid (earlier post).

More details as they come through the year.


Mikhail Capone

Too bad that they won't bring the diesel engines to North-America (or at least Canada -- here, pretty much the only diesel passenger car you can get are the VW TDI jettas and golfs).

One of those running on a high bio-diesel mix would probably be more green than the hybrid Civic, and maybe the Prius too.


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