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Biodiesel for Home Heating

Dow Jones Newswires reports that some distributors of heating oil and diesel in the Northeast are selling B20 biodiesel for home heating use. The tax credit that went into effect 1 Jan allows biodiesel to be price competitive with regular home heating oil.

The move gives heating-oil consumers a means to lower their output of sulfur and other harmful emissions. If it catches on, the use of biodiesel could go a long way to ease the periodic supply constraints in the Northeast, the nation's main heating oil market.

“People see the win-win situation of having a premium product at the same price,” said Dave Schildwachter, a principal of the family owned business. “It improves the environment, because there is no sulfur in soybean; it reduces our need to import oil from the Middle East; and it helps our farmers.”


Steve Spence

We have used up to 50% Biodiesel (B50) in a home heating furnace with no ill effects. This was with a indoor (basement) mounted tank.

Ron Fischer

As oil becomes more expensive, the fuel we burn in our cars and homes will become a blend of cheaper components. Generic 'vegetable oil' for instance is made from the lowest cost oils available at the time of manufacture. However, one can cook similarly with many different compositions of vegtable oil. To allow Otto and Diesel engines to run on varying mixes of either ethanol or biodiesel will require standards to which they can be designed. What organizations could set those standards?


Two, primarily, of which I know.

ASTM International—a century-old standards-development organization originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials—is the developer of widely accepted fuel standards. It has already developed such specifications for fuel ethanol and biodiesel.

The European Commission also has directed CEN (European Committee for Standarization) to include biofuels standards in its programs.

Ed Driscoll

Can vegtable oil burn in a standared oil burner?

Michael Dee

Has anyone every tried using 100% biodiesel in a home oili burning furnace? I have twin 275 gallon tanks that sit in my basement that fuel my furnace now.

My understanding is that for biodiesel, you need to keep the temp above 50 degrees. Is thate C or F?

Anyway, I could just run a heat duct from the home system to the area in the basement were the tanks sit to ensure, the temp stays where I need it.


Vic Verghese

I'm not very sure why someone would want to use biodiesel for a furnace...perhaps I have got it wrong, but I thought biodiesel was required only for diesel engines, while for furnaces etc, the straight vegetable oil ( that is, the oil straight from the plant!) can be used...

Kindly enligten, someone!

Btw, I found one interesting site for biodiesel and its use across various industries - the Biodiesel WWW Encyclopedia

Vic, BPO

M. D

I make my own biodiesel to use it as car fuel but I am very much interested to use it as biodiesel for home cooking in a developing country where it is needed most. Is there anybody out there to give me a hint or advice how to do it or send me address to a oil heat furnace applicable in developing countries. Thank you

jason bernier

I am burning b100 made from recycle veg oil collected locally. I would like to say with out any problems but that is not the case. I am working with a bio diesel manufacture to get it right. one thing I would suggest is a webster pump,they sell them at patriotsupply.com. The next is to up the pressure on the pump and use a smaller nozzle size and don't forget you will need to adjust the air also. My boss is also burning b100 in his furnace he changed his pump and ignition and has had no problems. His furnace is larger than mine {my nozzle is .65 80a and his is 1.0 80a}. My furnace is running right now but is not reliable.when I get it right I will let you know.


Hi everyone, I am considering refining used veg. oil to run a generator. If anyone can help me with information on the refining process, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Ken.


Hi, could anyone help me with info. on refining used veg. oil to run a generator. Thanks, Ken.


Hello, I am trying to find a Home Heating Furnace that is built/designed to run on Biodiesel. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes these? Also, does anyone know of a kit that can be applied to most home heating furnaces that run on home heating fuel so that you can run B100? I have been reading that if you intend to run B100 you should install some type of kit that will stop the B100 from gelling and so that it does not damage any seals. Thanks, Jay [email protected]


Re M.D.'s post.

At present I am running a B17 in my furnace oil with out any problems that I know of. I was just wondering if U started out with B100 or a smaller Blend. I plan on running B 100 once I have our new tank installed in the basement.

Our furnace is a Beckett AF62X0 with a firing rate of 1.50 @ 80 B.

Francis Paul Gavin

loking for information on setup for 100 % for home heating oil burner


That’s great that you are teching technology to kids! I just found your blog and it’s really good! I’m going to read more posts!

-Philippine BPO

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