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Green Scam

Denver Post. Scams are now hitting the credulous looking to reduce fuel consumption. The MPT SmogBuster Fuel Disc is a quarter-sized piece of plastic that is to be taped or glued to the bottom of your car’s gas tank. The promoter, OceanCity Network of Thousand Oaks, Ca,  says it significantly increases gas mileage and improves air quality.

They don’t say how it works, beyond claiming it sends “holographic frequencies into the gas tank and changes the molecular structure of the gasoline.” The devices retail for $299 each but are discounted for people who persuade others to sell them. Upper-level members have to buy a minimum of 10 SmogBusters for about $1,400.

"It doesn't work," says Dr. Terry Parker, a physics professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Parker and graduate student John Dane of the chemistry department tested the device for 9News.

"It's clear that it’s just a sticker and nothing else," Dane said.

Rats. And I was really looking forward to learning more about the holographic frequency method of molecular conversion.

The good news coming out of this is that there appears to be a growing demand for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. There’s a guaranteed way to achieve that...and it’s not through magic plastic discs.



The bad news is that people are not eager to make actual changes to their lifestyle by sacrificing anything, but are buying items that are obviously fraudulent. Still, any opening is an opportunity.

Mikhail Capone

You mean that my car is not getting better mileage? I could've sworn!...


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