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RealClimate Scientists Scrutinize Senator Inhofe’s Stance

The climate scientists at RealClimate dissect Senator Inhofe’s views on the issue of climate change in a speech he gave on the opening senate session, January 4, 2005.

Cutting through much of his polemic, Inhofe’s speech contains three lines of scientific argument which, according to him, provide “compelling new scientific evidence” that anthropogenic global warming is not threatening. We here submit his statements to scrutiny...

In this speech, Inhofe repeated many of the  standard contrarian arguments challenging the mainstream, consensus view of the climate research community that the activity of human beings now has had a discernable impact on global climate and that this warming is likely to continue as anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations continue to increase. Most of these arguments are debunked on the pages of RealClimate.  Inhofe, for example, once again promoted each of the "myths" we have documented about the "Hockey Stick" reconstruction of past temperature changes, citing contrarian criticisms that have since been thoroughly discredited.

The post drills down into Inhofe’s three primary points. Valuable read.


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