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Grainnet. West Coast Reduction Ltd (WCRL), a Canadian rendering company, has moved into the biodiesel distribution and production business.

WCRL initially will distribute B100 to customers on Vancouver Island and in the Greater Vancouver area while it considers plans to build its own biodiesel plant in Western Canada.

WCRL renders inedible animal by-products from the meat, poultry and fish processing industries and recycles used restaurant grease. Some of the rendered by-products can be used as biodiesel feedstock.

The move comes in the context of British Columbia instituting preferential tax treatment for alternative motor fuels, including biodiesel in diesel blends.


richard schumacher

Uhh, have they tested the product for odors after combustion? The exhaust from B100 made from deep fryer oil smells like french fries. Their B100 won't sell if the exhaust smells like rotting meat.


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