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Adelaide Metro Switches to Biodiesel


Courier-Mail. The state Government of South Australia will begin running Adelaide’s metroplitan trains and diesel buses with a B5 biodiesel blend (5% biodiesel) starting next month.

Over time, this will be increased to B20 (20%).

Adelaide Metro runs a fleet of 810 buses, of which 535 are dieses and the rest natural gas.  A trial biodiesel bus service has been in operation along selected routes since mid-2002.   

“This clean fuel initiative is part of our State Government plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption by doing our bit for the environment,” [Premier Mike] Rann said. “Together with the extensive use of compressed natural gas in buses and the purchase of new Euro 4 standard emission buses, this will make our public transport system fleet the cleanest in Australia.”

Rann also called for a meeting of Australian governments on greenhouse emissions.



Where is the biodiesel coming from? I have heard that the last trial of biodiesel started from a local supplier in Adelaide at 80c litre then changed to Malaysia for over $2.00 for SA Transport.

There were 2 potential manufacturers and suppliers which the SA Government or their officials failed to support 3 years ago. A pro-active government would have supported a new future industry. Not a AAA rating at all costs.


Has the question regarding the origin of biodiesel for SA been answered and if so, I'd be interested to know.

What is the name of the local supplier who was selling at 80c litre? Thank you

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