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The Denver Public School (DPS) district is using a B20 biodiesel blend (20% biodiesel) in 50 school buses. 

The district serves 140 schools with more than 450 buses traveling some five million miles per year. The biodiesel—provided by Blue Sun Biodiesel—is being used mainly to fuel elementary and middle school route buses.

The DPS biodiesel program is part of the EPA’s Clean School Bus initiative to reduce diesel pollution and improve air quality.


Mikhail Capone

I don't remember if it was here or somewhere else, but I've read an article about how bad the air quality was inside schoolbuses.

I really think that the issue should be brought before the public eye along with the partial solution of using biodiesel. Don't know if people are working on that or how one would go about doing it, though. Maybe some kind of "media kit" with all the relevant information that people could forward to their local authorities or something...


Last fall, I set up a biodiesel display at the local Enviro Fair. The item that got THE MOST interest from families was the school bus issue. The Natl Biodiesel Board has some info that you could use as a handout, which I did but seriously underestimated the amount I would hand out!

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