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Ford Introducing H2 Combustion Engines to Industrial Marketplace


Ford Power Products (FPP), a division of Ford Powertrain Operations, is introducing hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines (H2ICEs) to the industrial marketplace.

This parallels Ford Motor Company’s introduction of the E-450 commercial hydrogen-powered shuttle bus. (Earlier post.)

FPP currently has two different hydrogen engines prototyped for the industrial marketplace: a 4.2-liter V-6 hydrogen engine for airline ground support equipment, and the 6.8-liter V-10 hydrogen engine (picture at right) for power generation applications. Each burns compressed gaseous hydrogen.

Preliminary Ford H2ICE Engine Specs
Displacement (liters) 4.2 6.8
Rated Power (kW/hp) 60/80 140/188
Minimum Fuel Pressure @ engine (psi) 125 125

The E-450 is also based on the V-10 hydrogen-fueled engine.



how much H2 does this engine use for a period of time at 60MPH? Please respond, and if you cant answer this ques. please give me information on the amount of H2 required to perform internal combustion.

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