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Intrepid Upgrading CNG Station for LNG


Intrepid Technology and Resources, a renewable energy company, is upgrading its Idaho Falls, Idaho, CNG station to handle both LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as well as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).  The company is using a $289,000 DOE grant for the upgrade.

The new facility will provide the only source of LNG fuel to fleets and travelers on Interstate 15 between the Canadian border and Salt Lake City, Utah, while simultaneously maintaining a commercial outlet for CNG in the same area.

The resulting LNG/CNG facility will support vehicles owned by the City of Idaho Falls, the Idaho National Laboratory and mass transit buses being delivered to California customers from their Minnesota manufacturer. Additionally, the station will offer fueling potential for various fleets and individuals currently using LNG and CNG.



"Aside from the commercial benefits, adding the LNG component to the operation expands ITR's experience in working with the transport, storage and handling of LNG -- a critical strategic component in their biogas production business plan."

I am all for SNG from biomass. If you use it for CNG/LNG that you make in your garage to fuel your car, even better.

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