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January 2005 Hybrid Sales Almost Double from Prior Year

Supported by ongoing demand and additional models, combined US sales of hybrids in January 2005 almost doubled from levels in January 2004, rising 98.8% to 8,455 units from 4,252 units the prior year.

January sales are generally the lowest of the year, and the auto industry as a whole saw December 2004 to January 2005 sales decline some 30%. Hybrid sales, by contrast dipped 19% from their record-breaking December.

Toyota continued to lead the market with 5,566 units of the Prius—an increase from January 2004 sales of 90%.

Although the Honda Civic continued in its role as the number-two selling hybrid in the US, its 1,169 January units represented a 45% drop from December, and a 9% drop from the previous January.

Ford had a very strong January for its new Escape hybrid, racking up 908 units sold—only a 6% drop from December, and better than its November figures.

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