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Great Falls Tribune. The Montana state Senate gave preliminary approval Monday to a bill that would require the use of Montana-made ethanol to create an E10 blend (10% ethanol) for most fuel sold in the state. 

The mandate would go into effect once the Montana ethanol industry can produce 55 million gallons annually. Fuel sold for airplanes, motorcycles, snowmobiles and some other vehicles would be exempt.

Montana has $6 million in annual incentives for the first two companies to build ethanol plants in the state. After 12 years of incentives, no one has stepped forward to claim the cash.

Sen. Bob Keenan, R-Bigfork, asked [the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jerry] Black [R-Shelby] why the state needs a mandate.

Black responded: "Simply because nothing else really works."

The bill will be scheduled for a final vote in the Senate before passing on to the House.


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