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Redesign of Toyota Vitz (Echo) with Stop-Start System Hits Japanese Market


Toyota may have pulled the plug on the Echo in the US, but has just released a fully redesigned of the Japanese market version of the car, the Vitz. The company is targeting Japanese sales of at least 10,000 units per month—a hot seller in any market.

The new Vitz models offer 1.0-liter, 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter engines with VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing–intelligent) and continuously variable transmissions to provide higher performance while maintaining low fuel consumption.

Toyota is also implementing its stop-start system—Intelligent Idling Stop System—in the redesigned Vitz.


Using a Li-Ion battery/starter system implemented with the CVT, the stop-start system helps lower the Vitz fuel consumption to 25.5 liters/km kilometers/liter (60 mpg) in the 1.0-liter version. This is an 8.5% improvement over the previous version of the Vitz with IISS (released in 2003), and, according to Toyota, is the best gasoline fuel consumption in Japan, excluding minivehicles and hybrid vehicles.

CO2 emissions from the 1.0-liter Vitz with IISS are a low 94.8 g/km.

Toyota also implemented its Eco-VAS (Eco-Vehicle Assessment System)—a comprehensive environmental impact assessment system—for the first time in the new Vitz, resulting in a reduction of environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle from production to disposal.

Despite its failure in the US, the Vitz is popular elsewhere is the world. (It is sold as the Yaris in Europe.) The Vitz—including its international siblings—is the third-highest volume production Toyota model behind Corolla and Camry, with more than 2.5 million units sold in the five years. (Times of Oman)


Mikhail Capone

I wonder if Toyota will implement that technology on the Echo Hatchback that we have in Canada.

John Norris

Hmm. The Yaris is a beautiful car (IMHO) but I never thought that of the Echo. Anyway, good for Toyota for doing the eco-VAS thing. Mike, any idea how that might tie in with Europe's new end of life regulations coming in 2007? That is, will product takeback really incent the manufacturers to make their cars "disassemblable" and recyclable?

-- John


Eco-VAS is a modeling and management tool to allow those in charge of a particular product calculate the full life-cycle impact of a vehicle based on some very granular inputs from a number of different databases in the larger Toyota network.

The way I understand it, Eco-VAS will help Toyota engineers meet the new end of life regulations by setting targets and tracking progress to those targets.

And yes, I think we’ll eventually get there. :-) Toyota’s bioplastic plant was due to come on line in Japan at the end of 2004, but I haven’t seen whether it actually did or not.

John Norris

Thanks Mike. I see bioplastics as great where dino-plastic cannot be recycled (at the same quality level, not downcycled into park benches or something). Hopefully with product takeback happening, we'll be truly recycling the dino-plastic too! (credit to McDonough's book for these ideas: Cradle to Cradle - remaking the way we make things).

Goll Ralph

There is am mistake in the article February 10 2005 about Toyota Vitz. The fuel consumption must be 25,5Km/liters



Goll Ralph

There is am mistake in the article February 10 2005 about Toyota Vitz. The fuel consumption must be 25,5Km/liters



sam rogers

The mistake is the fuel consumtion should be 25,5 liters/100 km not 25,5 liters/km as writen.

A Canadian used to metric.

sam rogers

What I just wrote doesn't make sence. Sorry.

Liters per 100 km is the way it is writen up here in the frozen tundra but it obviously does'nt make sense.


Yikes. I messed that one up. It’s 25.5 kilometers/liter—which is the formulation Toyota uses on its website, and different than what most of us are used to.

25.5 kilometers/liter = 3.92 liters/100 kilometers = 60 mpg US. Whew.

Thanks for the sharp eyes!


hello ,

when is this model comming to malaysia n what is the price for 1.0 1.3 and 1.5 ?


pls send me the price for all model toyota vitz & when is the date its import to Malaysia?


pls send me the price and also the dimension of the car? thanks


Its Cool. When can we expect the Vits to be in malaysia? What is the price for 1.3(A) comparing to Myvi(A)? How soon can we see the cooool car? Can we book online before its official launch?


pls send me the price (rm) for all model toyota vitz


pls send me the price (rm) for all model toyota vitz

Hok Lai

hok lai frm Penang. wondering when the vitz coming to Malaysia? how much does it cost and when can place booking.


plz send me the all model of toyota vitz model and the price in RM. wondering when the vitz coming to Malaysia? pls let me know.
thankzz for ur co-opration..



when is this model comming to malaysia ?

pls send me the price (rm) for all model toyota vitz?

how much does it cost and when can place booking?



The car looks really cool. At first was thinking of getting a Myvi. How much is this? More information and also the avalability of booking date would be great!.

Thank you!


I am interested in this car and would like to know much more about Vitz. Looking forward to make booking too. Please send me the 3 prices and the booking date.


randy lee


When the Toyota Model: Vitz 1.3 auto coming to Malaysia?
Please send me the road price (RM)and how much does it cost and when can place booking?



hi, i know that there will be a small car by toyota coming to msia soon. and i just wanna make sure whether the vitz will be the one coming?thanx



hi, i wanna know more details about vits?when vits will sell in malaysia?thanks!


When will the new echo arrive in Austra;ia? and how much will it cost? less than the honda jazz?

ricky ji pai

hi ,
pai here, i just want know what the price of toyota vitz. is it better than myvi? if the car coming out between 1 year, i will wait for vitz, if not,i will booking myvi! pls send me answer... TQ

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