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UW-Madison Switches to ULSD B20

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is switching to a B20 biodiesel blend with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) for its diesel fleet.

Rob Kennedy, senior transportation planner for the university, says the new fuel blend will lead to a 15 percent reduction in particulate matter...

In addition, use of the new mixture will result in a 13 percent reduction in hydrocarbons, an 8 percent cut in carbon monoxide and a 16 percent decline in emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary gas responsible for global warming.

"The new fuel mix will also enable the university to achieve reductions that are two or three times greater for many of the same pollutants, in combination with the exhaust filters found on the newer trucks in the university fleet," Kennedy says.

UW is the first institution in Wisconsin to use ULSD in the biodiesel blend.


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