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Bangkok Post. The Bangkok International Motor Show—billed as the second-largest car exhibition in the region—opened today with a focus on alternative-fuel engines and fuel-efficient cars.

Alternative-fuel engines and fuel-efficient cars attracted heavy interest among visitors to the Bangkok International Motor Show yesterday, a reflection of growing consumer unease in light of soaring oil prices.

Manufacturers placed on prominent display their latest alternative-fuel concepts and hybrid vehicles. While many remain unavailable in Thailand or are strictly in the concept stage, the new technologies provide a glimpse of the future for cost-conscious buyers.

On the natural gas side, Mercedes-Benz is showing its E200 (earlier post) while Volvo brought its V70 Bi-fuel (earlier post).

“We are also keen on promoting cars than run on natural gas, which we think are good alternatives for Thailand,'” said John Thompson, vice-president for sales, marketing and after-sales service of Chevrolet Sales (Thailand), though the company had no such vehicles on display.

Chevrolet did bring the new Corsa Flexpower, developed and produced by GM Brazil, which uses either gasoline or ethanol.

Diesels also feature prominently, from Mercedes models (the new C220 CDI) to the Volvo S80 with a turbo-diesel.  Ford noted that it is studying a plan to offer a diesel version of the Focus in Thailand.

Show organizers expect 1.6 million visitors over the next 10 days.


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