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Chrysler CEO: We Misjudged the Impact of Hybrids

In a speech Monday to the Detroit Economic Club, DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche said that several automakers—including DaimlerChrysler—had misjudged the market impact of Honda and Toyota’s hybrids.

We put too much weight on the business case and the physical limitations of hybrids and were late to educate the public on virtues of other fuel-efficient alternative technologies such as modern, clean diesel engines.

We allowed hybrid technology to take a “moral high ground” in the press and public perception, particularly in the Northeast and on the West Coast.

We’ve learned from that experience, and we’re acting.  (Daily Oakland [Michigan] Press)

DaimlerChrysler is now collaborating with GM to develop a hybrid architecture that can be applied across the full range of vehicle formats, compact car to SUV, using either gasoline or diesel engines. (Earlier post.)

Zetsche also worried about the emergence of the Chinese automakers.

If the stated sales and share goals of Asian manufacturers are realized—even if only in part—this trend [the erosion of market share for the Detroit automakers] will continue.

It took the Japanese automakers more than 20 years to become serious competitors in this market. The Korean automakers accomplished the same feat in about half that time. The Chinese may make it in as little as five years. That’s a frightening prospect. (Detroit Free Press)


Lt. Anthony Gibbs

Whoe is the CEO of Daimler Chrysler ?
Mr. Schrempp or Mr. Zetsche ?


Ooops on my part. Fingers too eager to type Daimler. Zetsche is the CEO and president of Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler.


who's gonna be CEO of DaimlerChrysler after Schrempp retires in December 2005? Will Zetsche take over his position????


Zetsche is becoming chairman of DaimlerChrysler. Tom LaSorda is taking Zetsche's old spot as CEO Chrysler group.


who's gonna be CEO of DaimlerChrysler after Schrempp retires in December 2005? Will Zetsche take over his position????


What exactly does Dieter Zetsche going to be Chairman of in January 2006?

Jacquelline DeJack

I wrote in some time ago about the H20 hybrid car, and received an emil and lost it. I juat wanted to state
that it would well be worth Chrtsler's effort to investigate the possibility of converting their cars to
hydrogen power, with the exhaust in oxygen which would be good for the air, and stopping polution.
Their is one guy who is building a conversion kit
for 1800 dollars that uses a gallon water to go 100 miles. If you
want more information, you can email me at [email protected] and we can discuss this.

Jackie DeJack
You could build the trucks and cars as big as you
want to if they ran on water. Most Americans like big cars and Minivans and SUV's.

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