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Greenergy, Tesco Parnter on 100,000 Tonne/Year UK Biodiesel Plant

Greenergy Fuels and Tesco, one of the top international retailers, have secured funding for the building of a £10 million ($18.7 million, €14.4 million), 100,000-tonne per year biodiesel refinery in the UK—the largest single-line biodiesel production facility in the country.

Scheduled to open Q2 2006, the plant will use rapeseed as its main feedstock, secured under existing Greenergy contracts with the UK farming community through its Field to Forecourt program.

Greenergy was founded in 1992 to create and supply low emissions fuels, and began with ultra low-sulfur and sulfur-free fuels. In 2002, the company launched GlobalDiesel, a B5 blend with ultra low-sulfur diesel (50 ppm), followed by GlobalPetrol, an 5% ethanol blend with ultra low-sulfur gasoline (50 ppm).

In April 2004, Tesco, which is also a shareholder in Greenergy, began distributing GlobalDiesel at its UK stores.


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50,000 tonnes per year

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