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New 5-Door Civic Concept for Europe Features Diesel


Honda unveiled the Civic Concept—a five-door hatchback design exclusively developed for the European market—at the Geneva Motor Show.

The styling of the Civic Concept is very close to the mass production model that will debut later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will be introduced in early 2006 in Europe.

The new Civic hatchback will feature the award-winning 2.2 i-CTDi diesel engine (earlier post), as well as a gasoline engine line-up. With this new Civic, assembly of the diesel engines will be introduced to the Honda UK plant.

Applied in the Accord diesel, the 2.2 i-CTDi engine offers combined fuel economy of 43.3 miles/gallon (US), or consumption of 5.44 liters/100km, with CO2 emissions of 143 g/km.


martin tobias

Wow, I want one! Are there any production plans?

Mikhail Capone

I really wish they'd bring all these cool diesel engines to North America.


Production plans only for Europe at this point, it seems. The car begins production this fall, in showrooms in 2006.


Alas, even the big three keep their best cars for the European market.

Lance Funston

While ecos here in Northern California are forced to buy old Mercedes 300D wagons or Jettas to use biodiesel, Europeans have a smorgasbord of beautiful, fast, quiet, and stylish diesels to choose from (virtually every production car sold there)...Running cleaner diesel I might add.

Honda's CEO Takeo Kiuichi recently suggested in a keynote at the Detroit Autoshow that all World markets would enjoy the full range of "global powerplants" and body styles in this new round of Civics. He couldn't make good on this promise. We will not even see any hatchback here, much less a diesel. I would love one of these cars whether CTDi or hybrid form, but not likely to happen.

The 2007 Civic is just another example of a beautiful diesel car that the civilized world gets to enjoy, while we are left hoping (bio) diesel might someday finally arrive.


Bring on the CRX resurrection (Autumn 2006?) It could be well worth waiting for!!
GO HONDA!!!!!!!

tom robertson

Is this for real?


Re:, there is no such domain registered, and Googling yields no results. So absent a ypto, er typo, I’d say no.


I think he meant I don t know if its for real but i remember about 4 years ago hearing or reading about this project or one similiar. so i wouldn t dismiss it as a possibility.


If they brought this car to Canada, I would definately buy it - sell my VW Golf TDI - just love the hatchbacks

the 9th generation honda civic will be mass produced and it will be a hatchback. it will be available in 2011.

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