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New Method for Reducing NOx in Diesel Exhaust

New UK Site on Fuel Efficiencies and Emissions

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) of the Department of Transport in the UK has set up a new website on New Car Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions Figures.

Climate Change is recognised as one of the greatest environmental threats facing the World today and it has long been appreciated that we all have our part to play in reducing the impact of the motor vehicle. The purpose of the site is twofold:

  • To inform buyers of new cars how they can reduce the impact of their vehicle on the environment and;

  • Identify the vehicle excise duty and/or the relevant Company Car tax percentage bracket, based on their CO2 level.

It’s very nicely done—similar in concept to the US EPA’s site, but more flexible and granular in data.

For those in the US, remember: an Imperial gallon is larger than a US gallon (1 Imperial gallon = 1.2 US gallons), so fuel consumption represented in miles per gallon might be initially deceiving to US eyes.

For example, 40 mpg (Imperial) is approximately 33.3 mpg (US).



Kind of interesting to go from there to the cars we don't see. For instance, look at the tiny Chevrolets here


The Fords are pretty interesting too ... what do you think of the "Ka?"

Oooh, they run 'em in rallies!


i want to be among

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