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Toyota Brings Electric Personal Transit Concept to New York: the i-unit


Toyota is bringing its i-unit concept electric personal transit vehicle to the 2005 New York International Auto Show for its North American debut.

The concept vehicle had appeared earlier at the Tokyo Motor show last year.

The components are made with decomposable and recyclable materials to reduce impact on the environment.

The i-unit operates upright in low-speed mode, but reclines to a more horizontal stance (shown at right) when at high speed. The resulting lower center of gravity ensures more stable handling.

Toyota i-unit Dimensions
Length (mm / inches) 1,100 / 43.3 1,800 / 70.9
Height (mm / inches) 1,800 / 70.9 1,250 / 49.2
Width (mm / inches) 1,040 / 40.9 1,040 / 40.9
Wheel Base (mm / inches) 540 / 21.3 1,300 / 51.2

The vehicle features drive-by-wire technology, a driver support information system that uses sound, light and vibration, and Toyota’s  Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology that permits efficient autopilot driving in specially equipped lanes.

A personalized recognition system can provide information and music to the driver, while the body color can be personalized according to the driver’s preferences and emotions.

The i-unit uses rear in-wheel motors powered by a Lithium Ion battery.

More details as they come.


John Norris

Mike, FYI there is a 404 error on your previous Toyota link.

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The ITS acronym - Insane Transport System.

"Why, with cars running on ITS, we can comfortably ignore impacts, inequities and burdens that motorized travel imposes upon the underclass consumer, the wage-slave and the common slave; and profit handsomely"


How fast does the i-unit go in both upright and reclined modes?


wow great it

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