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Volkswagen announced today that it will extend warranty protection for the use of B5 biodiesel (5% biodiesel) to all of its US-market diesel automobiles.

VW made the announcement with Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). The two companies entered into a joint research agreement (JRA) on biodiesel last year. 

Volkswagen sees biodiesel as a key element of a long range fuel strategy that relies on clean diesel technology for the use of an increasingly broad portfolio of renewable or synthetic fuels.

The announcement, which came after a year of testing and development in cooperation with ADM, and discussions with the biodiesel industry about technical specifications required for the fuel to be compatible with current and future diesel technology, marks a significant first step in broadening its commercial support.

Our decision to extend warranty coverage for diesel engines fueled by the B5 biodiesel blend is driven by the shared desire of VW and ADM to capitalize on the significant environmental, economic and quality-related benefits of increased biodiesel usage. Volkswagen and ADM are now focused on jointly testing a blend of 20% biodiesel or B20 in order to provide ever-cleaner alternative and sustainable fuel choices.

—Frank Witter, CEO of Volkswagen of America.

One key will be to see how rapidly they move along to B20 support, and beyond.



Some mass transit yes. Mostly for farm implements/machinery. The jefferson ideal of scale self sufficency to increase profit margins and reduce the need for subsides/allow America to reume competetiveness.

But for every day vehicles fully electric cars are already usable- 146 mile range, 183 mph speed, being scrapped GM.

Is there an elephant in the room nobody talks about? YES.

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