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Muzi. Mazen Snobar, President and CEO of Aramco Services Co., which delivers Saudi oil to the United States, called the growing energy demands of China and India “frightening.”

“This is the big gorilla. The demand by China and India together, if they continue to grow, it is quite substantial and it is frightening,” he said.

All oil producing nations will have to chip in to meet the needs if demand in those two countries continues to rise, said Snobar, adding, “Let’s hope they don’t sustain this growth.”

Now there’s a plan for success.

Snobar made his comments during the Global Energy Partnering forum, hosted by the Maguire Energy Institute at SMU.



It is really ironical,after decades of rampant exploitation of the mother earth by so called developed nations who are respected because of their this very status, such apprehensions are voiced. It is the time, when an effort is being made to bring hither to downtrodden people of Asia above poverty line on the principles of consumerism - a gift of developed nations.

I would like to ask the managers of the world politics as to how the development should be supported without consumption. We need to change the model of development.

Let it be the old Gandhian way - the idea of self sustainance of the society with local resources. But will that be prudent at this juncture of the history when luxurious life of northern half of the globe is daily seen by the masses of the developing nations on mass media. That is my question.

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