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Australian Biodiesel Producer Scores with IPO

Daily Telegraph. The initial public offering of shares in  Australian Renewable Fuels closed early due to strong demand, raising $20 million and giving the biodiesel producer a market capitalization of $108 million.

The company said the offering closed two days early due to strong demand from investors, with the institutional component more than 2.5 times oversubscribed.

ARF plans to build two biodiesel plants (one in Adelaide, one in Picton) with technology from Austria’s Energea, each with a capacity of 40,000 metric tons per year (approximately 822 barrels per day per plant), and using tallow (animal fat) as a feedstock.

ARF will sell its biodiesel into both the established European market and the emerging Australian market.

ARF will explore using lower grade fats and used cooking oil, as well as developing an oilseed feedstock for use in its plants in the future.



Etienne Roux

To whom it may concern
Im from South Africa,I found your site and I hope we can help each other.
I have a full business plan,all the structural engineers, depot designers and we already have over
2million litres of biodiesel we have to supply per month..
We have an opportunity to become the leading feul suppliers in South Africa.
South Africa uses over 10billion litres of diesel a year,and the feul industrie has not started to change over
To biodiesel.
If you are interested, we can arrange a meeting, and il send you the business plan.
Thank you
Etienne Roux
0027 725361268

David Mjumira

Dear Etiene Roux

My name is David Mjumira living in Harare. I am currently working on a proposal to develop a commercial biodiesel refinery.

But first I am working on developing a pilot plant that will produce 1200 liters of biodiesel per day.

Dom you have some information so that maybe I could work with you in my project?

Please advise

David Mjumira
Principal Project Developer
Davy-Kress -IDDP
P.O. Box 5226
Mobile: +263-91 322 308

tapera mangezi

I am a Bachelor of Engineering in Renewable Energy student currently working on biodiesel projects.I am looking for fellow interested students to work with at international level.

tapera mangezi

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