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CalCars (Plug-in Prius) Founder Felix Kramer on Science Friday

CalCars Founder Felix Kramer is talking with NPR Science Friday host Ira Flatow and phone callers this Friday, April 22, scheduled from 2:40-3:00 Eastern, 11:40-noon Pacific, etc. on your local NPR affiliate.

Search for stations and confirm the schedule at http://www.npr.org/stations/.

Streaming information is available at http://sciencefriday.com/streaming.html, and a podcast/downloadable version will be available here after the show.

CalCars (earlier post) is using the Prius as a high-visibility platform to demonstrate the fuel economy benefits of a grid-pluggable hybrid that offers an extended EV range.


Santiago Rodríguez

Mr. Mike Millikin:

Pleasure to meet you

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Since we could make to have some form of more direct information.

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Paul Valentine

I am writting after watching (beyond Tomorrow) Where they talked bout your Calcars.I saw how you use the coasting and braking effect for recharing as well as plugging the car in to recharge it.After watching the program.I thought to myself why not just put a small generator or alternator on the axcles that, putout a constant recharge current to the batteries.So that plugging in would be virtually eliminated.Of course the batteries would have to be replaced after awhile, but,except for say climbing high hills(mountainous regions) you wouldn't have to plug it in except at the beginning or battery replacement.Or when you need to replace a worn generator.It could be done if you really wanted to do it.Please let me know your thoughts
Sincerely yours
Paul Valentine...

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