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Diesel Smart Car Sighting


Car Buyer’s Notebook sighted a diesel version of DaimlerChrysler’s smart car, down from Canada, and snapped (do you snap a digital picture?) a picture.

They said it would never materialize on our shores. That it was a fable, a dream that would never come true. They were wrong.

The Notebook spotted a two-seat Smart car—diesel-powered at that—on Daingerfield Island in Virginia this past Wednesday.

Though our hands were shaking, we managed to acquire irrefutable evidence that the Smart car—at least one, with Ontario plates—does indeed exist in America.



Spotted one in January all the way from Canada in Palm Springs, CA at a movie theater.


Virginia, California...seems like they do pretty well on road trips...

Mikhail Capone

I'm in Quebec (Canada), and my parents have seen at least one, and I've seen a different one. There's also a show on the state TV that features one as the main transportation for the show's main speaker.


I think you mean "sighting" and "sighted." In any case, exciting stuff.



I thought the original looked a bit odd. At least I didn’t sit it. Thanks for the correction.

Christian Bultmann

I was in February in California Salton Sea and later in Arizona nobody see me ? :)


I've seen a few of these around downtown Ottawa lately. Apparently you can buy them through Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Gregg Roberts

Seen one in Iberville Quebec today and i'am very impressed. I live in New York state and I hope U.S will be able to sell these soon.


There's a guy that owns one here in Miramichi, NB... I see him driving it all over the place


I had seen four or five of them being unloaded from a truck in Burbank, CA last year, though I'm assuming they were the unleaded variety. I just about blew a gasket (hoping to score one fresh off the truck) but they were being used in a film. I'm sure we won't be seeing many in the U.S. until Bush and Co. are out of the White House. It also seems as though Zap is having a struggle with DaimlerChrysler over getting them into the states.


Diesel Smart Car spoted in Big Bear California this weekend - 5-11-06

Dr. Rings

We're currently in Italy this week and have the fun pleasure of renting a diesel Smart ForTwo for the wife and I.
The car has averaged about 40-70 mpg while driving 70-85mph on the Autostrasse - the lesser range while doing max speeds up mountain interstates with A/C, the higher range in early morning hours on the flats doing more moderate speeds without the air conditioning.
I was pleasantly surprised at the roominess for the two of us, tons of head-room even for a 6' 5" person, and it can fit our four medium suit-cases behind the seats. The other surprise was the manual/automatic six speed...actually makes driving fun again!

When they come to America and are reasonably priced we'd LOVE to own one (At the Smart dealers here in Italy, they go for about 15,000 Euros or $19,000).


Jere Joiner

I'd buy one a diesel Smart Car in a heartbeat. Plenty of cars get 35 mpg. The advertisement saying people buy 'em primarily because they're easy to park is baloney. People buy 'em because they're cute and get good mpgs. Being able to park in small places is no. 3 on the list of why people want one.

mark main

we need a diesel smart car in USA.. remember 80's diesels. Friend had a 83 ford escort with diesel 5speed
got 63 highway--no air.

Sell us what we want---not what you think we want!!!!

Hybrids--no way-with cost of hybrid upgrade--take years before you see a money savings --by then you would have trouble selling out of warranty car-cost of hybrid repairs---no way---Im going diesel.

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