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Japanese/Thai Venture Plans 80K Gallon/Day Biodiesel Refinery


Bangkok Post. Revo International, a Kyoto-based biodiesel technology provider, has entered into a joint venture in Thailand to develop a one-billion-baht (approximately $25.4 million) biodiesel refinery in Chon Buri.

The plant, expected to start operation in July 2006, will have a full capacity of 300,000 liters per day (approximately 79,250 gallons or 2,500 barrels) and will use used cooking oil as its feedstock.

Revo has targeted production of 30,000 liters of biodiesel a day in the initial stage.

Of a unit of used cooking oil, 90% will be transformed into biodiesel, 9.7% into glycerin and the rest waste.

Revo will also produce biodiesel from palm oil in the future when it expands its production capacity and the supply of used cooking oil dwindles.



thank you for translating some of the measurement terms into gallons, barrels and dollars. Concerning liters, I don't understand that either, not being french. Anyway, thanks. jon


You buy soda in 2 liter bottles. Your engine displacement is in liters. Its a little less than a quart. What is there to not understand?

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