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LPG Conversion for Smart Car


D’Ande Lyon, a UK investment and marketing firm, has introduced an LPG bi-fuel conversion kit for the Smart Car.

Developed with Prins Autogassystemen BV and Alternatech Fuels Systems (a Prins distributor and installer), the D’Ande Lyon Smart Car LPG conversion is the first and only Powershift-approved conversion for the Smart Car.

The UK’s PowerShift program offers fixed grants, to both individual motorists and fleet managers, towards the additional cost of buying a new cleaner vehicle or converting an existing vehicle to run on cleaner fuels. Covered vehicles include new vehicles running on LPG, natural gas, electric and hybrids. Conversion grants cover LPG or natural gas.

The conversion uses Prins’ Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) system—LPG injectors inject the gas matching the cylinder sequence of the gasoline system. (Schematic at right; Click to enlarge.) The VSI system integrates with the conventional gasoline fuel injection system in a master-slave relationship. The original equipment ECM controls the VSI ECM to manage the amount of LPG injected into the cylinders.

The Smart Car LPG Conversion is available for 2003 or newer Smart ForTwo models, with options for a trunk-fit or underbody LPG tank. It can be installed by LPGA Approved converters across the UK. From the date of order, the conversion takes 3-4 days.

The Prins VSI systems are available for a range of different cars, such as the Chrysler 300 and the Toyota LandCruiser.

There are now more than 9 million LPG vehicles worldwide according to the Global Autogas Industry Network, and some 117,000 on the road in the UK.


erwin bengry

can you give me a quote for an LPG conversion for a smart car post 2003?

kind regards
Erwin Bengry


Hi,can you give me a quote to convert a smart 'fortwo" to lpg.Also can you purchase the kit not installed. Thanks Adrian.


I would like to know how to buy a conversion kit for my Plymoth Neon or if that is posible.

Jason Azzopardi

I would like to know how much a conversion kit for my 2003 smart city coupe would be.

Frank Rehder

I have 2005 Subaru Outback sw witht 2.5 liter gasoline
engine and automatic transmission, that I would like to convert to LPG.
Please send me info &prices.
I live in Perú ,South America, so the installation is
to be performed here, we have conversion capable mechanics.

brian demmers

looking to purchase conversion kit for 2005 ford f150 pick-up/5.4 liter,can some one help?


Does anyone know of a lpg conversion for a 3.4 liter Toyota T-100?


Shaali 110

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